Magic Massage



What a difference.

I have had massages before but Tracey was different!

Back pain, I was in agony from it. I felt depressed and I couldn't work.

One day I had had enough and gave Tracey a call and made a booking for that evening.

My experience with a massage in the past has been that it needs to be a painful experience to find relief.

Not with Tracey. I felt relaxed, soothed and noticed that my body really started to release in the session.

I went home that evening. Had a wonderful sleep and it only got better and better over the days to come.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone experiencing pain in their body to visit Harmony Touch.

It might not be what you're used to from a massage therapist but she has magic hands and relieved my pain.

Will come back again if i'm ever in need.

Thanks Tracey!

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