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         Step Forward in Australia


Step Forward orthotics have been manufactured in USA since 1974. They were introduced to Australia in 2004. Since then thousands upon thousands of pairs have been fitted to Australian feet by doctors and therapists, at shows and other events and direct from Step Forward Australia.


The sales of Step Forward in Australia and many other countries around the world was discontinued in 2021 due to increasing quality and supply problems along with diminishing support from the manufacturer. Step Flex was launched in 2021 to replace Step Forward. It is a joint venture between the people who previously distributed Step Forward in Australia and in Germany. Step Flex orthotics are made from the exact same material (same supplier) and the design is essentially the same but with a few improvements to remove inconsistencies in some of the sizes. The orthotics are now 'Made in Germany' rather than 'Made in USA'. Already, Step Flex has replaced Step Forward in many countries.

Interested to get a pair?

If you've already been sized for, or have a pair of, Step Forward orthotics, then getting a pair of Step Flex orthotics is very simple. Both brands use the same sizing scale, so your new pair of Step Flex orthotics will have the same size designation as determined for your Step Forward orthotics. Phone us to provide your details and to make payment.


If you have not yet been sized, then please contact, Tracy.


Already have a pair of Step Forward?

Your Step Forward orthotics should continue to give you good service until they wear thin. Step Flex will continue to support wearers of Step Forward orthotics, including  all warranties that came with your orthotics. When the time comes to replace your orthotics, you'll change to the Step Flex equivalent.

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