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NEW Clients First Treatment         75minutes

Client Assessment

Foot Print Assessment 

EMMETT Points 

60 minutes Massage

Emmett Therapy  10 - 30 minutes

Release / Reset or Restore / Revive


The Chameleon Approach

Emmett Therapy has the ability to assess and tailor the treatment according to need and beliefs of each client

SYMPTOMS - Which have been relieved to help:

  • Neck & Shoulder restriction

  • Lymphatic congestion & Breathing

  • Dizziness & Sinus congestion

  • Migraines & Headaches clusters

  • Abdominal cramps & Bowel discomfort

  • Persistent Heel & Foot pain

  • Back & Hip discomfort

  • Ankle & Knee restrictions

  • Discomfort during pregnancy

  • Fluid retention

Body Massage 60 minutes


Neck and shoulders

Arms / Hands

Upper and lower back

Hips and buttocks

Legs / Feet

Top to Toe Massage 90 minutes


Neck and shoulders


Upper and lower back

Hips and buttocks


Stomach (Optional)

Hands and feet

Reflexology 45 minutes

Foot Assessment

Foot massage

Reflexology Points

Hopi Ear Candling 45 minutes

25mins Ear Candle session

20min Face, Neck and Shoulder massage with Emmett Tech Points