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Jude Wiegele – Testimonial

I have been attending massages with TRACY WALLER for a while now.

When you enter the premises, you are welcomed with a quiet, sincere, genuine and caring practitioner.

Her premises instantly instills a feeling of relaxation. It is warm and cosy. Her linen is always fresh and clean.

She helped me get out of pain to the degree that I can now sleep all night without discomfort. She is confident when massaging your body and the BEST thing I like about her is she instinctively knows how deep or soft the massage needs to be and how to relieve your pain.

I have had many massages in my 65 years and TRACY WALLER is right up there for me.

I am delighted that she is still practicing and will continue to see her whenever I need to.

I highly recommend her as an intuitive highly skilled practitioner.

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